What’s a Farm Share?

A farm share, also called Community Supported Agriculture, is a way of buying into a local farm and supporting it for the growing season. In return, farm shareholders get to share in the farm’s bounty. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship where the farmer and the shareholder share in the risks and rewards of farming. The farmer receives guaranteed income for their work (which they will be doing regardless of yield, weather, and other variables) and shareholders receive fresh, local, sustainably-grown produce.

Sharon with plants.
Sharon and some potted herbs.

The farm share model isn’t for everyone. You can’t pick and choose each week what you will and won’t get, because a farm isn’t a grocery store. Some weeks, the yield might be smaller than anticipated. Some weeks, the yield might be bigger than anticipated. Regardless, when someone buys a farm share, they’ve invested in the good work and good production of a particular farm, and the benefits go far beyond produce.

Here’s what else you get when you purchase a local farm share with Two Suns Farm:

  • Partnership with a group of people participating in good land use and conservation
  • A violence-free supply chain — no one working for Two Suns Farm is being exploited, and the land we grow on is our partner and is well-cared for
  • A smaller carbon footprint — Grocery store food relies on massive machinery and is shipped thousands of miles
  • Better health and taste, because our produce is picked at the peak of its ripeness and nutritional value
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