The Top 7 Longest Ski Lifts In The United States

When it comes to skiing, the thrill isn’t just in the descent; it’s also in the ascent. Ski lifts play a crucial role in the skiing experience, providing access to higher altitudes and longer runs. In the United States, some ski lifts stand out not just for their height but for their length, offering skiers and snowboarders an extended ride with breathtaking views. Here, we explore the top seven longest ski lifts in the country, each offering a unique journey to the top of the slopes.

1. Slide Brook Express, Sugarbush Resort, Vermont

The Slide Brook Express at Sugarbush Resort in Vermont holds the title for the longest ski lift in the United States. Spanning an impressive 11,012 feet, this lift connects the Lincoln Peak and Mount Ellen areas of the resort. Opened in 1995, the Slide Brook Express is a detachable quad lift that provides skiers with a scenic 13-minute ride. The lift crosses the picturesque Slide Brook Basin, offering riders stunning views of Vermont’s Green Mountains. This lift not only enhances the skiing experience by allowing easy access between two mountain peaks but also stands out for its engineering marvel and the visual delight it offers.

2. Lone Peak Tram, Big Sky Resort, Montana

The Lone Peak Tram at Big Sky Resort in Montana is renowned for its incredible length and the unique experience it offers. Stretching 9,121 feet, this tram takes skiers to the summit of Lone Mountain at 11,166 feet above sea level. The tram ride, which lasts about 15 minutes, offers a panoramic view of three states and two national parks. For expert skiers, the tram opens up access to some of the most challenging terrains in North America, including steep chutes and vast bowls. The Lone Peak Tram is not just a means of transportation but a gateway to an exhilarating skiing adventure.

3. Palisades Tahoe Aerial Tram, California

Palisades Tahoe, formerly known as Squaw Valley, boasts the Palisades Tahoe Aerial Tram, one of the longest and most iconic ski lifts in the United States. This aerial tramway spans 8,850 feet and ascends 2,000 feet from the base to the High Camp at 8,200 feet. The tram ride offers a spectacular 360-degree view of Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada mountains, making it a favorite among visitors. At High Camp, riders can enjoy a range of amenities including dining, an ice skating rink, and a swimming pool. The Palisades Tahoe Aerial Tram is a highlight for both skiers and sightseers, offering an unforgettable experience.

4. Bridger Gondola, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Wyoming

The Bridger Gondola at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Wyoming stretches 8,550 feet, offering skiers a scenic and efficient way to reach the mid-mountain Rendezvous Lodge. Opened in 1997, the gondola rises 2,700 vertical feet in just 9 minutes. The ride provides stunning views of the Teton Range and the Jackson Hole valley. At the top, skiers and snowboarders have access to a variety of terrain, from groomed runs to challenging off-piste areas. The Bridger Gondola is a testament to Jackson Hole’s commitment to providing a high-quality skiing experience with state-of-the-art lift infrastructure.

5. Ramcharger 8, Big Sky Resort, Montana

Another impressive lift at Big Sky Resort is the Ramcharger 8, the first eight-seat chairlift in North America. This lift spans 8,171 feet and features heated seats and an adjustable loading carpet. Opened in 2018, the Ramcharger 8 offers a quick and comfortable ride up Andesite Mountain, providing access to intermediate and advanced terrain. The lift’s high capacity reduces wait times, allowing skiers to spend more time on the slopes. The Ramcharger 8 exemplifies modern ski lift technology, combining comfort, efficiency, and impressive length to enhance the skiing experience at Big Sky.

6. Silver Queen Gondola, Aspen Mountain, Colorado

The Silver Queen Gondola at Aspen Mountain in Colorado is a prominent feature of this world-famous ski resort. Covering a length of 8,030 feet, the gondola transports skiers from the base to the summit of Aspen Mountain, rising 3,267 vertical feet in approximately 14 minutes. The gondola cabins offer panoramic windows, providing breathtaking views of the Roaring Fork Valley and the surrounding peaks. At the top, skiers can enjoy a variety of runs suitable for all skill levels, as well as dining and après-ski options. The Silver Queen Gondola is a cornerstone of the Aspen skiing experience, blending length with luxury and scenic beauty.

7. Sunshine Peak Chairlift, Telluride Ski Resort, Colorado

The Sunshine Peak Chairlift at Telluride Ski Resort in Colorado is known for its length and the access it provides to some of the resort’s best terrain. This lift stretches 7,899 feet and takes skiers to the top of Sunshine Peak, offering access to a mix of beginner and intermediate runs. The ride provides stunning views of the San Juan Mountains and the Telluride valley. The Sunshine Peak Chairlift is an essential part of the Telluride experience, known for its smooth ride and the high-quality skiing it unlocks. This lift embodies the blend of natural beauty and top-tier skiing that Telluride is famous for.


The United States boasts some of the longest and most scenic ski lifts in the world. From Vermont’s Slide Brook Express to Colorado’s Sunshine Peak Chairlift, these lifts offer more than just transportation to the top of the slopes. They provide riders with breathtaking views, advanced technology, and access to some of the best skiing terrain available. Whether you are a seasoned skier looking for a new challenge or a novice wanting to take in the sights, these ski lifts offer an unforgettable journey to the summit.

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